Food Bag / Food Box Subscription: List of Food-in-a-box / Food-in-a-bag Options in NZ

I’ve been completely addicted to since December 2014.

Here are the 5 reasons why we love it.

But I got to wondering “are there other food subscription services?” and “what is happening in the food subscription business overseas that we might see in NZ soon?”

So I’ve made the following list of food subscription business in NZ for you.

Some people call it “gourmet home delivered meals”, others call it “healthy meals with home delivery”, others call them “food kits”, and others “food subscription boxes”. There is no standard right now, each player is trying to set the default words and phrases.

Criteria For Getting On My List of Food Box Subscription Services

  1. This list is only for subscription businesses where you pay regularly, every week or fortnightly (rather than just off their website when you want to)
  2. You have to do some work/prep to finish off the meal (this ensures it’s fresh)
  3. Heat-and-eat food is not included

List of Food Subscription Businesses In New Zealand:

Peak into the future of Food Subscription in NZ

  • Have a look through this mouth watering list of 35 food subscription services in the USA that may be copied in NZ shortly.
  • A leading American food delivery service delivers 3 million meals per month
  • 113,000 NZ households had gourmet meals, recipes and ingredients delivered to their home in the previous month (Nielsen’s March Consumer Media Index Survey)
  • It is estimated that 200,000 NZ homes would be open to gourmet food by subscription (My Food Bay has about 15,000 of those, so there is lots of room for growth)

Who’s Not On My List And Why

    • Auckland Only.
    • Raw, organic meal plans, delivered
    • Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, juice
    • Auckland Only.
    • Raw ingredients: Meat, vegetables and fruit
    • There is a recipe section, but essentially it’s fresh delivery of high quality items you might normally get from the supermarket
    • Fully cooked meals delivered to people you care about
    • Eg Send a weeks worth of cooked meals to a couple with a new born
    • Or a spring hamper, or a birthday hamper
    • Auckland Only
    • Lunch Only. No preparation required.
    • Heat-and-eat meals. (Fresh, not frozen)
    • Heat-and-eat french style meals for one. (Fresh, not frozen)
    • Heat-and-eat meals. (Fresh + Frozen options)
    • Only 5 meals to choose from
    • Basically a online farmers market with nationwide delivery
    • Only some product lines are available by subscription
    • Recipes are provided in the blog, but not included with deliveries
    • Heat-and-eat meals for one. (Frozen)
    • Provide free meals for families with a newborn
    • They deliver a combination of 3 frozen meals (Lasagne, Spaghetti Bolognese, Macaroni Cheese) for as long as they are needed. How sweet!
    • Frozen meals. They don’t offer subscription
    • Heat-and-eat. (Fresh meals, vacuum sealed, that last a week in the fridge)
    • All the calories and fat/protein are counted so those that like that data have it
    • Subscription  service. 5 new dishes made every week. Heat-and-eat. Pick-up only from Pioneer Woman Hall, Auckland
    • Heat-and-eat (From frozen)
    • Liquid meals. They provide the powder, you add water and mix.
    • Meat by subsciption
    • Picnic lunches only. Minimum order: 20 lunches.  They look amazing.

Your Thoughts?

  • Are you subscribed to one of these Food Box subscription services?
  • How are you finding it?
  • Are your friends/family talking about it?
  • Is it available in your city?
  • Have I missed one from my list?

Let me know in the comments below.

11 thoughts on “Food Bag / Food Box Subscription: List of Food-in-a-box / Food-in-a-bag Options in NZ

  1. Good write up, cheers. Good compilation of all the services, there are so many! I’m loving Muscle Fuel, big meals that are so easy to heat and go. I’m busy and not so good at cooking so these are ideal.

  2. Loyal subscriber of Bargain Box. Loving the simple, easy to prepare, delicious meals. Occasionally I go away mid-week and I no longer have to plan ahead for my family’s meals – my teenage kids can cook dinner, and I know they have all the ingredients and simple, step by step instructions.
    Love your website Sheldon. This will help keep the food box companies honest, and competitive.

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